Qatar National Day Celebrations 2015 UDC – The Pearl
Client: United Development Company

On the occasion of Qatar’s National Day celebrations at The Pearl, United Development Company had contracted The Planners to plan, organize and manage their entire event starting from 16th -20th December 2015.

The event included a successful execution of elements such as a water screen with a customized QNDvideo, fireworks on the 18th of December , decorative lighting on all the tress of The Pearl , Sky trackers on the main roundabout,traditional VIP tent withtraditional coffee servings, 15 traditional tents serving freshly cooked food creating a souqlook and feel in the area along with providing a taste of traditional Qatari food for all visitors along with aspecial tent for ladies to enjoy henna, a customized booth located at MadinaCentral serving freshly made Karaktea, live Ardhaperformances, stage with LED backdrop playing QNDvideos.

Our services also included providing Qatar flags and pins as souvenirs to visitors and customized VIP gifts for UDC’sspecial guests.