QTF -ExxonMobil and Total Open Fan Zone Area 2017-2018
Client: Qatar Tennis Federation

During the ExxonMobil and Total Open Tennis Tournament, The Planners have designed, produced and managed a customized tennis fan zone dedicated for children and adults attending the tournament. For both the years, the fan zone was designed keeping the spirit of tennis in mind and with the motive to provide visitors with a fun-filled experience.

The area includes 2 customized giant entrance arch and a series of tennis-themed activities especially designed for QTF fan zone such as: tennis speed radar, target wall, mini tennis golf, tennis pong, reaction wall, through the racket, Batak wall, tennis bowling, tetherball, accuracy target shot etc, along with these activities the area also includes foam pit, bungee trampoline, giant inflatables, craft, and coloring area.

The area is open for all public village visitors throughout the tournament and provides them with an end number of options to play, learn and enjoy.